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B.C.O. – Brazilian Children´s Outreach vision is to transform impoverished Brazilian children into becoming contributing citizens healthy in mind, body and spirit. As a non-profit organization BCO offers educational and social assistance programs free of charge in Brazil.

Billy Joe and
                Josephine HartBilly Joe and Josephine Hart founded the organization in Brazil on May 1st 1974 for the purpose of providing social assistance to needy children in the vicinity. From its inception through 1989, the organization served as an orphanage for children and adolescents.  I have been to visit this ministry personally and fully endorse this Christ centered work.  Both have since gone home to be with the Lord, but their legacy lives on through their Son and Daughter Pastor James Hart of Eagle's Nest Worship Center and his sister, Teena Evans-Hart, and the many hard working individuals in Brazil who care for these children on a daily basis.

Everything done within the sanctuary known as Maanaim is done with a Spirit of Excellence, a rose in the midst of the thorns, is how I describe the beauty of this ministry in the middle of the severely underprivileged city of Southern Sao Paulo. When I went to Brazil with our church group in the fall of 1996, I was in awe at the work that was thriving at Maanaim.  Our small group of 10 visitors spent time working around the facility, with painting and repair needs, playing with the children, working on craft projects with the teachers, and so much more.  We grew close to the children and with the staff, and had an amazing time getting to know each of them.  We also got to visit a few homes of some of the kiddos, and when I say home, it was usually nothing more than a 10x10 foot building constructed of whatever scraps could be found lying around with a mud floor.   

The love poured out on the children was all Christ.  No strings attached, just an abundance of unconditional love.  Every child received teaching, food, play time, clothing when necessary, and a nap, and did I mention so much love and care.  I think my biggest take away from this trip was realizing how spoiled I am and how well I have it as an American.  And praise God for His blessings, but there are millions here in the states and around the world that have it really bad and places like Maanaim and organizations like BCO infuse hope and love into desperate situations.  Thanks to the Hart's for opening my eyes to sacrificial love.

Today, the work in Brazil looks a bit different.  Instead of being confined to one location, BCO is partnering with several city and regional churches to increase their impact and coverage in the Southern Sao Paulo area.  "We have seen this program come full circle", says Tina.  Children who were once in the program years ago, are now Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists, working in ministry both in their local communities and to further the work with Brazilian Children's Outreach.


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