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Sean R. Davis
Pastor, ONE Church

My Trip to Cuba

I took my first trip to Cuba with Great Door Ministries in November 2012 and to say I fell in love with this ministry would be an understatement. The work being done for Christ in Cuba is miraculous. And A Grain of Sand project is totally winning souls into the Kingdom. It's discipleship, an opportunity to serve people just as Christ did, it's a feeding program, a loving ministry to the forgotten generation in Old Havana. It's painting and repairing, and much much more. We had fun, we worked hard, cried tears of joy, we were stretched in our own faith, oh and did I say we get to serve folks. It was one of the most amazing times of my life, and I cannot wait to go back. Check out their website at they have a few trips a year so if you would like more information on how to visit, or support this ministry, in prayer or finances give Jes and Pastor Kristen a call, they're glad to help you put a team together.

Please share your testimony with us. You never know who God will touch through it, and we just might post it on our site. Go God.

Pastor Sean