What a pain in the neck!

I guess I have to go back to Sept 08 when I woke up with a sore neck. It felt like I just slept wrong and needed to pop it and I’d feel better. Tried just ignoring it, but within a few weeks, I started having tingling and numbness in several fingers and thumb of my left hand.

Weeks turned into months and after Mid January of 2009 I decided to go to the Chiropractor. I went about 5 times and after having no relief I decided to go to my GP. They took x-rays and an MRI of my neck…

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One day at a Time

My name is Penni and Pastor Sean is my husband of 30 years. Until early this year (2014) we lived in Bellevue, Nebraska and I worked for the University of Nebraska Medical Center in an Administrative position for the college side of the university, not the hospital side (just so you know I know nothing about medicine or such).

I think you need to know who we are. We believe in trusting God and prayer. As you read this, you will see how I’ve been up held by my faith and my God, with wonderful support of my family and friends. It’s a story I can’t wait to share.

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My Trip to Cuba

I took my first trip to Cuba with Great Door Ministries in November 2012 and to say I fell in love with this ministry would be an understatement. The work being done for Christ in Cuba is miraculous.

The "A Grain of Sand" project is totally winning souls into the Kingdom. It's discipleship, an opportunity to serve people just as Christ did, it's a feeding program, a loving ministry to the forgotten generation…

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